The Wild Mushroom’s communal areas and rooms are all decorated to reflect the colours of specific exotic mushrooms.    Discosoma, our luxurious standalone poolside suite was originally constructed as a high-tech mushroom growing facility!    The Discosoma mushroom is a type of coral mushroom and has a variety of different colours, the most stunning being the golden metallic which provides the theme in this luxurious suite.    Russula, our premiere bridal suite reflects the Russula mushroom in its bright colouring and lusciousness, the mushroom is large and boisterous and a favourite amongst mushroom aficionados the world over.    Deliciosus, one of our Superior Luxury Suites is named for the colourful orange mushroom which is extremely popular in the kitchen for those who know where to find them! Like the mushroom, this room gives a feel of exclusivity and playfulness.    Our next Superior Luxury Suite is named after the Copper Trumpet mushroom which is yellow and orange in colour and possesses a bioluminescence that makes it glow in the dark!    This suite is spacious, fitted with the soft yellow tones of the mushroom and offers a calming feel to the guest.    Our Kalaharituber Superior Luxury Suite is named after a mushroom that is used in traditional Khoisan medicine as an antidote to some poisons.    This room offers some of the most spectacular views our Country House has to offer.    Our luxury suite Purpureum is fitted in purple and silver after the fungi from which it takes its name.    The suite, on the first floor, is both spacious and beautiful.    Our ground floor luxury suite Golden Oyster is named, delectably styled and furnished after an eastern Russia / northern Chinese mushroom.    Our standard suite is named after the Psilocybe mushroom - a ‘magic mushroom’ – and the colours in the room are vibrant and fun, to create a magical feel.    In our annex are the Daedelia and Ramaria suites, which again have their décor inspired by their namesake mushrooms.



A private pool-side villa with double glazed windows. Fitted with a private patio and an outside shower it is the epitome of luxury. Boasting spectacular views of the Simonsberg, Stellenbosch Mountain and the Helderberg panorama. This is the perfect suite for honeymooners and those who seek seclusion.


This ground floor suite was originally the lounge and sunroom in the manor house, before it was converted. It has a stylish fireplace including a warming wood burner, which create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the colder winter months. The sunny bathroom is equipped with a stand-alone bath, double shower and twin wash basins. A side door grants direct access to a small patio where the stunning mountains views can be enjoyed with a glass of wine. This suite is also wheelchair friendly.


The Deliciosus Suite located on the ground floor, opens onto a private patio under an enormous palm tree with breath-taking views of the garden and mountains. The bathroom is exceptionally spacious and a chandelier above the stand-alone bath adds to the finishing touch of the décor. It is further equipped with double wash basins, a large shower, and a separate toilet.


Located on the 1st floor the spaciousness of the room further curates the luxury of the Country House. A level of calm and tranquility is created by the curtain of trees just outside the charming French balcony. The bathroom is equipped with double wash basins, a double shower, and a bath with separate toilet facilities.


Situated on the 1st floor over looks our beautiful garden and swimming pool with breathtaking panorama of the mountains in the background. The room has a full on-suite bathroom with separate toilet facilities. Admire our most spectacular breathtaking views through the gentle tinted windows where a French balcony enhances the enjoyment in those warm summer nights.


Situated on the 1st floor of the Country House, this room is spacious and tastefully decorated in purple and silver. The room views are to the west, overlooking the estate and in the late afternoon the room is filled with the last rays of sunshine to create a warm feeling of contentment. The room opens up to the Clathrus lounge which is fitted with a cosy wood burning stove to provide extra comfort during the winter months. It is also situated right next to the shared balcony which has exquisite views of the mountains. The room features double basins, a bathtub, and a walk-in shower with separate toilet facilities.


This ground floor room was originally the main bedroom of the manor house with views in a western and southern direction and is fitted in shades of green and yellow. The spaciousness of the room allows for two lovely armchairs to relax in and to enjoy a glass of wine. A door opens onto a comfortable patio with both street and mountain views. The bathroom is fully on-suite with both a bathtub and a shower.


Situated on the 1st floor this room has a charming French Balcony that is north facing over a beautiful sun-filled courtyard. The room has a subtle character, and the couch offers a perfect spot to recline in the afternoon sun. The bathroom is fully on-suite with a double wash basin and separate toilet facilities. The room opens into the Clathrus lounge with its delightful wood burning stove and book exchange.


One of two annex suites situated on the 1st floor in the adjoining building to the Country House, is both cosy and luxurious. The bathroom is fully on-suite with both a bathtub and a shower. A small balcony overlooks the estate’s park and playground, bringing an atmosphere that is relaxing and inviting. This north facing suite is the perfect choice for those who wish for afforable luxury.


The second of two annex suites situated on the 1st floor in the adjoining building to the Country House, this suite has a feeling of home and relaxation. The bathroom is fully on-suite with both a bathtub and a shower. The small balcony provides views of the rest of the estate and mountains in the distance. The suite faces off to the south and again ideal for those seeking afforable luxury in the winelands.